Colloid Detergent AQ11


General specifications

Product specifically designed to help decontaminate and bio-restore water areas (sea, rivers, swamps, water tanks water reservoirs, river basins, harbour areas of all kinds, hydrocarbon separators, etc.) where there have been spills of mineral oils and their derivatives, hydrocarbons or products containing them, no matter the saline concentration of the waters.

Works as a colloid cleaner for the spill with a high level of efficacy. The colloidal function acts on the spilled particles, minimizing the contamination and helping on an optimal level to clean and regenerate the treated area, ensuring the bio-restorage of the ecological environment through natural means.

It has been proven that in highly biologically damaged marine environments, the constant application of AQ-11 enables the regeneration of said environment. 

FORMATS: 10l Bottle / 220l Tanks / 1000l Containers


How to use

Treatment in water:

If there is a spill in waters (harbours, rivers, aquifers etc.) and the thickness of the spill is substantial, remove the residues from the surface through mechanic means, (barriers, skimmers, absorbants, etc.) and immediately after applying the product through pulverization, it will take effect immediately.

If the spill is not substantial (2 micras in the surface) it is not necessary to remove the residue, directly apply the product through pulverization on the stain or contamination, in this case it colloids the residue and highly minimizes it.

In both cases and once the damaged biological marine environment has been checked after the first application, the product must be applied in low doses until the environment has been fully regenerated.

For certain decontaminations (constant spills of hydrocarbons, water treatment plants, separators, etc.) the product must be applied continually and in low doses.

For other usages please contact our technical department through the  CONTACT section in this website or through the telephone number +34 973-313971, or through e-mail